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Why you should organise your wedding in a marquee

Posted by Categories: Family

When it comes to organising a wedding, the majority of people have to decide between a traditional venue or a marquee. Depending on the theme of the wedding and on the groom and bride’s preferences, they might opt for one or another. If you are looking for a venue that will make your wedding a special event, then you should opt for a marquee, because it is a modern choice and your guests would love to attend your wedding. On the market there are plenty of options when it comes to wedding marquees hire London, because more and more companies are providing this type of services. And if you are in doubt if this is the right option for you, browse though the below benefits, and see why a marquee is the perfect choice when it comes to wedding venues.

You choose the location

When renting a marquee you have the possibility to place it wherever you want. All you would need is a bit of space; because you have to be sure that you have a marquee bigger enough for hosting all your guests. Therefore, you can place it in the backyard of your house, or your parents, and in case you want to have a beach wedding, then you only have to inform the provider, and they would bring it there. Also, you should know that if you do not have space where to place it, you should take a look online, because there are plenty of marquee sites from which you can choose. In case you want a destination wedding, then decide upon one of the established wedding venues from the area, where you plan to have your wedding. Take care to select one that also provides accommodation, because your guests would prefer to spend the night somewhere close.

You are involved in the process

The greatest difference between a marquee and a restaurant is that you are involved in the entire design process of the venue. The provider would ask you to share them your requirements and they would strive to meet them. Therefore, you can choose the form, size and interior decorations. In case you contact the provider with a few months before the wedding, you have the possibility to ask them create a marquee especially for you. Choose a unique venue for your wedding.

Budget friendly

Every wedding is planned according to a budget, and if you choose to organise yours in a marquee, you have the opportunity to save a lot of money. A marquee gives you flexibility when it comes to budget, because there are numerous options on the market, and you will not have difficulties in finding the right one for you. You would choose the menu, decorations, venue, caterers and other details, so you are one who controls the expenses. When organising your wedding in a restaurant, you have to accept their own conditions, and you might end up spending more than you have planned. Browse through the online options, and choose the right one for you.