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What water purifiers remove from drinking water

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Drinking bottled water is not safe. Why? Because it contains dangerous toxins and lacks important minerals. You are not better off if you drink water from the tap. Tap water is filled with all sorts of contaminants, so it is safe to say that it  is not safe. What can you drink when you need to stay hydrated. The only thing you should be drinking is purified water. Purified water is the best choice for long term-use. if you too want to drink healthy water, you should install a filter in your home. Having a water filter is nothing but beneficial. Are you curios to know what a water filter removes from the tap water? If the answer is yes, keep on reading.

Heavy metals  

Drinking water contains high doses of heavy metals, which are dangerous to the health. As a matter of fact, heavy metals can be found in bottled water too. What filtration technology does is eliminate heavy metals that are lingering in your drinking water. To find out which water purifier is best at removing heavy metals, visit: Purification technology disperses of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and so on and so forth. What happens to you if you ingest these heavy metals is that you suffer from kidney damage and bone illnesses. Cancer is a possibility too. If you do not want to drink contaminated water, invest in a state-of-the-art purifier.


Chorine is added in drinking water to kill bacteria. The only problem is that chlorine causes health problems. This disinfection product causes liver, kidney and central nervous system problems. It used to be believed that chlorine’s toxicity is low, but recent studies confirm that it is downright dangerous. The great news is that water purifiers significantly reduce chlorine, without leaving any negative effects on your water supply. The purification system absorbs the disinfectant, providing you healthy drinking water.

Bacteria and viruses

Bacteria as well as viruses are commonly found in drinking water. These microorganisms thrive in water, which is the most important food source for them. The last thing you want in your glass is bacteria and viruses. They create serious health problems. It is important to stress that bacteria and viruses cause health issues in humans and in animals. A good way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of bacteria and viruses is to get a water purifier. Water purifiers kill all microorganisms. Reverse osmosis is the best purification technology, freeing your tap water from bacteria and viruses.


You may have heard of nitrates, but we are sure that you do not know precisely what they are. Nitrates are inorganic compounds that are formed naturally when nitrogen is combined with oxygen or ozone. They are harmless, unless they are found in the drinking water. Exposure to high levels of nitrates leads to cancer. If you have a kid, you should be especially worried because nitrates causes lack of oxygen. Health is something you cannot afford to play with, so get a water purifier. This appliance will remove the nitrates from the drinking water.