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Wedding favours: Are they really necessary?

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You and your fiancé are thinking about having party favours at your reception, but you are not sure whether you need them or not. What you should know is that in Western cultures, guests at weddings receive party favours, in other words small gifts as a gesture of thanks. What is certain is that they have been around for hundreds of years.  Wedding favours are not necessary, so you do not really need them. Well, think again. Such party favours exist for good reasons. Besides showing appreciation for attending the event, they are a memento of the occasion. Small tokens of appreciation are essential for couples who are getting married.

There is nothing cooler than a wedding favour

While guests arrive at your marriage ceremony you can thanks them with a small gift. This is not to say that serving them a good dinner or giving them the chance to spend the night on the dance floor is not enough.  You need to thank guest in a special way for sharing this special day. The fact is that there is nothing cooler than a small gift. Your guests will treasure them, so you need to bother with such things. It is actually considered bad manners not to send wedding favours. If you want to make sure that your special day will be remembered, give out wedding favours.

Wedding favours are not expensive

Many couples believe that tokens of appreciation are an unnecessary expense. However, these small gifts are not expensive at all. As long as you choose the right supplier, you will not pay a fortune for the finished items. On the contrary, you can actually save money. Figure out the amount of money you can afford to spend and divide it by the number of guests. You can offer anything from candy to mini-wine bottles.

How to choose wedding favours

Choosing party gifts is not exactly brain surgery. Yet, there are many options available, so things can get confusing. If you can get your hands on everything you need, why not have personalised wedding favours? Providers can decorate and embellish the small gifts in any way you want. Tokens of this kind are not only meaningful, but also they make it easier for you to make sure that everything coordinates perfectly. If you have a beach wedding, consider having toy boats with candy. You can hand out multiple party favours to your guests.