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Use it so you can keep it – How netball improves brain functions

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If you used to worry about a couple of wrinkles and saggy skin, then you must be terrified to find out that your brain cells deteriorate in the same manner over the time. Age is a ferocious enemy of our brains, but a couple of considerations and actions might help us prevent premature brain aging. For instance, physical activity (and chocolate) slows down the aging process at the level of brain cells, and social netball London activities might be perfect for managing it. Below are some benefits of netball that have been observed on cellular level.

1. Keep your brain active

One of the perks netball has is that the game develops quite fast. This pushes the player to use their brains constantly, as they need to pay attention to the game’s development, make fast decisions, and assess their team’s status and so on. Furthermore, netball increases the hand-to-eye coordination capabilities, which improves cerebral activity. The ball must be thrown and catch accurately, which is also quite soliciting for this fascinating organ.

2. Reduce stress levels

Stress is known as a negative factor on brain cells. It has been scientifically proved that stressed people are more likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s, both degenerative diseases that affect cognitive functions in adults. When exercising, the body produces endorphins, that contribute to the well-being state, and the process is maintained a couple of good hours after finishing your netball session.

3. Improve cardiovascular performance and increase blood flow

The health of our heart muscles is in a strong relationship with our brain cell’s health. In netball, our heart muscles are trained to become stronger and more active, while the blood circulation in our brain is increased. This makes the premature brain cell aging process less likely to take place, while we are empowered to use it at its maximum capacity. Aerobic fitness has a great positive impact on brain cells, making it possible for oxygen to reach all of them. Also, an increased blood flow increases the cerebral activity.

Here are some considerations on netball we should take into account in order to prevent premature aging of brain cells. Make sure you also follow a healthy diet, because it contributes enormously on how well our brain cells will face the aging process. Drink plenty of water and go to regular check-ups.