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Tricks to find your lost phone on silent on a big house

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When you are living in a house with many rooms, it is quite common to forget where you have placed your phone. And if you set it on silent you will have troubles in finding it, because it might be placed under a book, and you cannot hear it, even if you call on your number. You might not consider such a big deal to lose your phone inside your house, because it is safe and not one was stolen it from you. But if you have to get in touch with your friends or you have stored on it important documents and information, and you need to access it, then you will see that it is a big task to track it. In this situation, the best tool you have at hand is a bluetooth tracker, so you should make sure you install one on your phone if you know that you have the habit of keeping it on silent and forget where you have placed it.

How does the Bluetooth tracker function?

You might never heard of this type of tracker, so you need more info in order to decide if you should purchase one or not. You should know that the majority of providers have designed these trackers to be used in different purposes, and to help people never leave their things behind. They offer you access to an app that helps you locate your devices by sound and a map. Even if you have set your phone on silent, the app will make it ring. When you use the app, you have to select the option of a lost item and all the devices that are connected to it will be placed on alert. So, when you come within an established range with the lost object you will be notified by an alert. Also, if you walk away from your phone, you only have to press the button on the tracker and you will hear your phone ring. It does not matter if it is on silent or not, it will ring.

What other uses the Bluetooth tracker has?

You might not have the habit of losing your phone, because you might be an organised person. But if you have a dog and you take him in the park, and he has a lot of energy, then he might run when seeing a squirrel and you cannot find him. If you use a Bluetooth tracker, and attach it on the leash of your dog, you will quickly find him. However, you can use this tracker even to secure your other items, as your bike, or your children items. When having child they have many things and they might spread them around the house. But they make a lot of fuss when they cannot find a certain one, so you have to come and find it. You decide what use you give to your tracker, so take a look online and see what different providers have to offer.