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Tips on preparing your maternity leave in France

Posted by Categories: Family

It’s not uncommon for families to choose living in France over their origin country. It has a favorable economic environment, making it the perfect place for starting a business or finding a well-paid job. However, many face a number of obstacles when dealing with special situation, because of the different legislations applied. Take maternity leave, for example, although it works on the same principles all over the world, expecting parents must follow certain rules and steps when applying to one. For a smoother transition and a fair maternity leave, we have some tips on preparing it.

1. Prenatal care in France

The vast majority of parents in France choose on giving birth in a hospital, because the healthcare system here is one of the best existing now around the world. After parents have a series of blood tests run by doctors in a public hospital, they will be handed a series of documents for preparing their declarer arret Seine Saint Denis, without those initial tests parental leave not being possible. Expecting mothers will be guided to following up with their appointments with a gynecologist, or alternatively with a specialized team in the OB department the hospital has. If your main concern is the linguistic barrier, you must know the large majority of doctors and medical staff in public or private hospitals is fluent in English.

 2. Necessary documents for giving birth in France

All mothers giving birth in France will benefit from a maternity record book, depending on which their pregnancy related expenses would be reimbursed. They must follow up with all their exams and appointments, and after the sixth month of pregnancy, or fourth, if hospitalization is necessary, all expenses will be covered by your health insurance fund. You will receive from health insurance bodies a booklet with all the necessary documents for your maternity leave.

3. Delivering the baby in France

All expenses implied by delivering a baby are covered in French healthcare system, from prenatal tests, to delivery, epidurals and other necessary exams during the delivery process. Also, the tests and exams performed on newborn babies are covered by health insurance, and even hospital stay for both the mother and child, up to twelve days. In the first moments of life, your baby’s health state will be evaluated by doctors and midwifes, being rated on Apgar scale. Its responses to stimuli and musculature are the preeminent factors. Any score above 7 on Apgar scale means you delivered a healthy and happy baby.

These are a few essentials a family expecting a child should pay attention to, for having access to all benefits the health care system has for them here. Honestly speaking the French health care system is one of the most generous available currently, and for taking advantage of it, you only have to follow up with your medical appointments. Also, make sure you document yourself well before applying for your parental leave, since specialized bodies can give you important pieces of advice.