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The start of a family business

Posted by Categories: Family

My husband and I were blessed with four girls, which turned the house into an utter chaos, especially when they were going through puberty. However, I quickly found a solution to all that fighting and bickering and tiresome trouble they were getting into. The answer was to keep them busy and I mean always keep them busy. At first, I thought it would be better to find them different activities, so that they would spend time separately, so I would constantly be looking for small jobs around the neighbourhood for them to do, like delivering papers or babysitting or walking the dogs. I soon realised that the sheer time and energy that went into finding them jobs all the time were tiring me as well, so I came up with a better solution: having them host and attend to guests at all the parties or events in the neighbourhood. And that was the beginning of our promotional staffing agency, a family business that lasts through the years.

We started small, of course, with little Timmy’s birthday party, when our neighbours had the idea of hiring caterers and animators for the kids and I had the brilliant idea of having my girls do that. Two of them played with the kids, watching them round the clock, one was in charge of serving the kids and making sure they were eating their food and the other one was in charge of attending to the adults invited to the party. It was an utter success and they made pretty money. After that party, there was this little event that the local chocolaterie set up, because it was a new business and wanted to get customers, so my girls handed out fliers and samples of chocolate candies and bars, which again was a great success. It then struck me that we could do this for a living, as the girls were having great fun and they were really good with people and I could handle the project management, while my husband was taking care of the logistics.  And so, our promotions agency was born, as later on we started focusing on marketing events, rather than personal events.


As years passed, we realized that the field of experiential marketing would grow and grow, so we turned out attention towards staffing services for field marketing campaigns and that was the niche of our business. My girls set up a training department and we began hiring promotion staff for all sorts of campaigns and the business thrived. It is now one of the biggest agencies in our city, although it is no longer a family business, as we took on several associates on the way. However, my girls are still in charge of the business, working within the recruitment and training departments, so at some level, I guess we can still call it a family business.