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The great things a computerized sewing machine can do

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The reason why tailors and crafters purchase sewing machines is to increase the efficiency of various sewing tasks. There are two main types of sewing machines available one the market, namely mechanical and computerized. Each of them operate differently and have various features. Many say that computerized sewing machines have revolutionized the sewing industry and in many ways they are right. If you read a Singer Quantum Stylist review, for instance, you will see that it can do a great many things. But are these machines perfect? Maybe they are or maybe they are not. This article will try to determine if using a computerized sewing machine is a good idea.

How a computerized sewing machine works

The main difference between a conventional sewing machine and an electric sewing machine is that the latter has a built-in computer, as well as a small monitor for easier operation. In this kind of model, the computer has control over several motors, which are responsible for moving the needle bar, the tensions, the dog and other machine elements. Thanks to this fine control, you have the possibility of producing hundreds of different stitches. You can even hook up the computerized sewing machine to a PC and download patterns from the Internet. In addition to switches, the electric sewing machine has the ability to create complex embroidery patterns, producing many elaborate shapes and lines. It is quite obvious that this kind of high-tech sewing machine is complex compared to manual sewing machines, even though they are built around the same stitching system.

Benefits of working with a computerized sewing machine

A computerized sewing machine is first of all, convenient. Owing to the fact that it contains microprocessors, it can decipher patterns and also create new ones. The features of the computerized sewing machine will save you time when you are sewing. For instance, the “needle down” feature which is a standard of most machines allows you to quickly turn the fabric when you stop sewing. Other machines also have the “locking stitch” feature that finishes stitches underneath. The vast majority of sewers agree that a computerized sewing machine give better control than manual ones. This model is so advanced that it can follow a pattern without any help from you and you can easily transport it form one place to the other.

Which is the best computerized sewing machine?

In this category, there are so many great sewing machines that it is almost impossible to make a choice. However, there is one models that is worth taking into consideration. This is the Singer Quantum Stylist. Besides the fact that this machine comes with over 600 stitches and 13 button holes, is has an impressive workspace. It is ideal for quilts and larger sewing projects and even beginners will feel like professionals when using this machine. It is very easy to set up and it has automatic threading and bobbin winding. If you do not want to break the bank, but still want a computerized sewing machine, the Quantum Stylist is a good choice.