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The Best Mattresses for Treating Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the main reasons why people are investing excessive amounts on money on treatments for sleep disorders. Having a good night’s rest is not easy for someone who struggles with back pain and most often when you stay awake for so many nights in a row, it’s somewhat difficult to sooth your problems and become more relaxed. This is the main reason why it’s important to get the right mattress for treating your back pain symptoms.

Are firm mattresses the solution?

In the past years, doctors recommended firm mattresses for people who have back problems but things have changed since then. While it’s still recommended to sleep on medium-firm mattresses, it’s not necessary to opt for a very firm mattress. There have been some studies and surveys done on hundreds of people with low back pain to prove that sleeping on very hard mattresses is not at all beneficial. Several survies found that those who sleep on these type of mattresses have a poor sleep quality, as compared to people who use medium-firm mattresses.

Are soft mattresses good for your back?

While very firm mattresses not recommended for people with low back problems, soft mattresses are not at all recommended for people in general, regardless of the gravity of their back problems. Soft mattresses, like those made of memory foam can be very problematic because overtime, your joints may twist during the night and this can cause you some pain. In addition to that, soft mattresses that conform to your body’s natural contour can make you feel hot and stuffy.

How and where to pick the best mattress?

When searching for a new mattress that will help you soothe your back problems, our advice would be to go to a mattress showroom where you can test a variety of mattress models. However, it’s not sufficient to test the quality of the mattress for a couple of minutes because it’s difficult to tell right on the spot if the specific mattress model could indeed treat your back pains. Your best solution would be to try sleeping on different types of mattress when you have the chance, at a hotel or a friend’s house and observe how you feel in the morning.

Our top recommendation

The latex mattress is the best mattress for treating back pains and helping you have a quality sleep. These type of mattresses are most often indicated for people with low back pain because they have a medium-firm layer that feels comfortable and soothing. Furthermore, latex mattresses are resistant to bacteria, germs, dust mites and other allergens that may contribute to poor sleep quality.