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Some dos for people who are over 70s and who want to get a mortgage

Posted by Categories: Real Estate


Life gets rough when you are over the age of 70, especially when it comes to getting a mortgage. This happens especially because elderly people can be quite naïve when it comes to this thing. They have the tendency to believe everything the bankers say and there is no surprise that they end up paying for more. But here are some good tips that can help you when you have to take a mortgage. You can find them below. However, in case you consider yourself too young of thinking about this option, you can at least learn something about these mortgages and offer some good pieces of advice to your parents or other relatives.

Do work with some good experts

Search for mortgages for the over 70’s and find the best professionals to work with. Tell them why you need the mortgages and ask them to help you find the most interesting option. In case you see that you are not on the same wavelength, you should look for other people who can understand you best. The duty of a specialist mortgage broker is to help you identify the relevant types of loans for you and then help you gather all the necessary documents.

Do understand the rules

For example, some very popular choices nowadays are the lifetime mortgages. When it comes to this aspect, these options can seem quite attractive. For example, there are cases when you can take a loan and let the others pay for it. This may happen in case you die or when you decide to go into long term care and sell your house. But you should be careful, because nothing comes for free. You may think that there is no loan interest, but then, in the majority of cases, the situation changes completely and you will have to start paying interest on it. Moreover, experts say that another important part is to see over 70’s mortgage rates.

Do ask other your kids or nephews

Before taking any mortgages, you should ask for your kids or even nephews’ opinion. Their opinion is important because you may ask them to help you paying for your mortgage sooner. Not to mention that illness is always unpredictable when you are in your 70s. Thus, you need someone to take care of you. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the fact that may be some persons who are interested in just taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Do ask for other loan

Even if you are not compatible for taking any other loan, if you find some good experts in lending money, you should ask them to help you find more about other types of loans. For example, they may recommend you something which is suitable for your children who are interested in getting a car loan. And remember that it does not matter if it is a new vehicle or a second hand one. The most important part is to find the cheapest car loan and to understand the rules of getting it.