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Sikh wedding guide – The basics all attendants should know

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If you are not a Sikh, most probably you are unfamiliar with all the rituals a Sikh wedding is involving. However, if you are ever invited to a Sikh wedding, it would be advisable to do some research on the main rituals, and have some basic knowledge regarding the etiquette required by this type of events. A classier event, like a Sikh destination wedding requires for higher levels of knowledge in terms of rituals and etiquette, this is why we have for you some basics all Sikh wedding attendants should know.

1. Some basic rituals

Of course, these weddings are entirely based on ancient traditions and rituals. Below you will find some of the most important.

  • Roka – the name basically means “to stop” and this bears the significance that the partners are stopping their search. This is the step in which family members meet first at the bride’s home and then at the groom’s home. This is a pre-wedding ceremony, and unless you are a close family member, you don’t have to attend.
  • Sehra Bandi – This ritual is performed by the groom’s family members, in bride’s absence. This is when a heavily embroidery veil is set on the groom’s head and then wrapped into a turban. This ritual is specifically moving for the groom’s family, as it means that he is now entering the mature stage of his life.
  • The Lavaan – this may be one of the most important ceremonies in Sikh weddings, being the religious ceremony of the wedding. This ritual consists of four prayers that will seal the marriage. A Sikh priest will read the four prayers and after each one, the groom and the bride will circle around the Holy Scripture.

2. How to properly dress for a Sikh wedding?

In terms of attire, attendees should know that bear shoulders, plunging necklines are a bit too much for this type of event. If you choose a revealing dress, make sure to cover your shoulders with a large shawl. Also, for the religious ceremony, make sure to opt for a pair of pants, because you will be standing on a carpet, on the ground. This is a more comfortable option than a dress. For the evening party, you can opt for vibrant colours, as these ceremonies are a celebration of love and life. Vibrant reds, blues and yellows will be seen quite often in this type of ceremonies, so prepare yourself with the brightest dress you own. For males, regular attire is advised.

If you are unfamiliar with these events, it is your duty to do some research beforehand, but the grooms are also responsible to answer to all your potential questions, if you have some. These events may be some of the most joyful and colourful types of weddings you will ever attend. So bring your brightest dress and prepare for an unforgivable evening in the company of an amazing family, with amazing traditions and rituals.