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Saunter Into The LimeLight With The House Of Holland

Posted by Categories: Family

House of Holland clothing have been a topic of discussion in the fashion industry for the longest of times. Artfully designed with a ’London girl aesthetic’, the House of Holland collection transforms fashion pieces into tasteful reflections of attitude, culture and mindset that can be found existing throughout the United Kingdom. Created into a label by Henry Holland, the House of Holland has received critical acclaim and it’s fashion pieces are being stocked internationally to this day.

If you are a big fan of the House of Holland, here are some outfits you should consider applying into your daily wardrobe:

Space Dye Jumper

Achieve your dreams of becoming a space goddess by getting funky with the Space Dye Jumper from the House of Holland. Made from rayon and a multi-coloured psychedelic print, the Space Dye Jumper recreates a special holographic effect. Great for celebratory occasions, the Space Dye Jumper can be paired with the Space Dye Skirt found from the same collection for a sophisticated appearance or solid coloured bottoms to draw focus to the jumper.

Womens Midi A-Line Skirt

Created with a paisley-patterned lace with vibrant yellow or pink flower appliques over a satin lining, this midi a-line skirt by House of Holland is easily paired with plain tops for a slim-fitted silhouette. The Midi A-line Skirt can be completed with a pair of elegant sandals, sneakers or boots depending on the wearer’s fancy. Versatility, sass and confidence are key elements to the Midi A-Line Skirt from the House of Holland skirt collection.

Sequins Shirt

Inspired by the concept from candy-canes, this delightful Sequins shirt from House of Holland is a fashionable and fun piece to adorn on yourself and be party ready always. With bright colours and a high shine material quality paired with a sharp white collar, the Sequins shirt comes as a cheerful combination and works best when pulled together with a white shirt or pants. Who says the process of preparing outfits for parties has to be complicated?

Flash Dress

Opulent, unique, daring, sassy and bold comes to mind when one is faced with the contrasting prints of the Flash Dress by House of Holland. Fashioned with deeply diverse and contrasting prints, a cinched in waistline, a front exposed zip and oversized pockets, this House of Holland dress is the very definition of aesthetically fashionable eccentricity. Match it up with a pair of laced up sandals or boots and leggings for a modern look.

Broydery A-Line Midi Skirt

Indulge yourself with this sugary pink Broydery A-Line Midi Skirt by House of Holland. The skirt’s circular floral embroidered overlay offers an elegant sophisticated art of both revealing and concealing. With it’s high waisted waistline, the Midi Skirt accentuates the user’s figure. When paired with it’s counterpart, the Broydery Trapeze Vest, a sophisticated floral outfit can be achieved. Be the epitome of grace with the help of this A-Line Midi Skirt.

These are some of the recommended fashion pieces from House of Holland. To view the full collection, learn more about the label and create your own style, you can visit Lularock’s official website here.