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Relevant information about IPL hair removal

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Every woman out there and many men as well, deal with unwanted body hair that leads to major aesthetic problems. Because the traditional hair removal methods offer only temporary results and can be painful as well, specialists have come up with a more efficient procedure that gives you the possibility of enjoying a hairless and smooth skin for a longer period of time. When it comes to hair removal in Brisbane, you can easily find a reputable clinic that can offer you this type of hair removal procedure. If IPL hair removal has raised your interest, then here are is some relevant information you should know about:

Intense Pulsed Light systems

You are probably wondering what is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. Both procedures involve a production of light energy, which has the role of damaging the hair follicle, by being absorbed into the dark pigment of the hair. In comparison with laser, which produce a single wavelength of light with a specific target and a concentrated beam, Intense Pulsed Light systems deliver thousands of wavelengths for each burst of light. For improved precision, specialists use certain filters. Overall, both procedures have the role of offering the same results.

Pain factor

When it comes to IPL hair removal, the first question that usually pops in mind is if the procedure is painful. This particular detail can vary from one person to another, depending on how the body responds to the intense Pulsed Light system. The skin’s concentration of melanin and hair density are directly linked to the pain factor. However, if the periods of time between subsequent sessions are consistent, the pain will become manageable. You can discuss this detail with your technician.


If you are interested in an effective hair removal procedure, then the IPL hair removal will certainly not disappoint you. The results might vary depending on the density, colour and texture of the hair. However, if you choose the right specialist who can offer you a customised treatment suitable for your needs, your expectation will be met. The results are not immediate, but you will see improvements in a short period of time. A particular number of sessions are required for visible results. Specialists recommend between 4-10 sessions periodically. For more precise information on the topic, you should book a consultation with a professional

IPL and laser hair removal have raised many questions along the years, but the procedures have constantly proven to be safe and to offer satisfying results, when performed by the right specialists. Because unwanted hair has always been a problem for many women and men, the advanced removal procedures used nowadays have become extremely popular. If you are interested in IPL hair removal, you should research the topic properly and look for a reputable specialist that can provide you with the treatment you desire. Search online for a clinic that can put at your disposal professional services and after a few sessions you will benefit from a smooth and hairless skin.