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Real estate bargains fuel the investment market in Brazil

Posted by Categories: Real Estate


The bright future announced for the real estate market in Brazil, paired with the current economic context, fueled investors’ interest in terms of property investments all across the country. If properties prices were low in 2016, they are even smaller in the first month of 2017. Richard Bowles, the CEO of an agency specialised in real estate investments around the world, claims that the Brazil real estate market is a highly profitable one. But what makes it this profitable, you may wonder. The secret lies in a combination of factors favoring this type of investments in the long run.

A fast economic recovery is expected

Like many other countries around the world, Brazil was affected by recession. This caused the prices of real estate properties to fall dramatically after years of skyrocketing. And, because this market needs a stimulant, local companies are lowering real estate properties’ prices. This comes as a great advantage for foreign investors. Because Brazil’s economy shows signs of improvement for the following years, especially because of the high touristic potential, investments in real estate properties have high potential. Invest now and profit later is a great motto investors should live their lives by, after all.

 A country with great touristic potential

Brazil, as a whole, is one of the largest economies in the world, generally fuelled by the flocks of tourists coming here to enjoy the great climate, sandy beaches, and the outstanding natural beauty. A country with a tropical climate, it is the perfect destination for luxurious vacations. This, of course, requires real estate investments that have the potential to host luxury resorts, hotels, accommodation facilities of any kind, ranging on the financial spectrum. And while a large part of the society here is still struggling after the financial crisis, the rest of the world succeeded in overcoming it. This means they can afford expensive vacations in stunning locations. Certain projects are concentrated currently on the Itaparica Island, Salvador city and Bahia state, three regions with astonishing touristic potential.

Government interventions to facilitate the country’s development

In 2016, there was an agreement between the Chinese and the Brazilian government, where the Chinese was to build a bridge linking two regions with an enormous touristic potential. The Itaparica Island and Salvador will be soon linked by a 12 km bridge, and the great news is that the construction will begin this year! Anticipating the effect this investment will have on the touristic and real estate market, this comes as a profitable advantage for investors interested in real estate properties. No matter if we are talking about virgin land or commercial buildings, the low prices might attract investors like a magnet.

These are some of the coordinates fueling the investment market in Brazil, especially on the real estate segment. Make sure you profit from the small prices that are currently on the market and make beautiful profits in the coming years!