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Questions that people may have about 5 aside football leagues

Posted by Categories: Family


People who love football claim that one of the best ways of playing this sport regularly is by joining 5 aside football leagues in London. But, is it also true that this activity can be somehow confusing for those who have not done this thing before. Thus, here are some common questions about such leagues and the right answers for those who claim that they do not know if they should take this decision or not.

Which are the benefits of joining a 5 a-side football league in London?

According to those who have done this thing before, there are many such benefits. First of all, we can talk about the possibility of football more often. Secondly, the whole experience can be regarded as a hassle-free one because you do not have to bring almost anything. You just have to show up and play football. But this is not all. Playing football at least once a week is a thing that helps you get rid of extra weight and it can also be regarded as an alternative for relaxing. For example, believe it or not, there are many employees from corporations who enjoy playing football, after they finish their working program.

Can I bring my friends with me?

Yes, you can. If your friends also enjoy playing football, you can all benefit from the best conditions, by joining a football league. But in case you are afraid that you should do this alone, you do not have to worry. You should take it as a way of getting to know other people who have similar interests and hobbies. However, you should pay attention to the fact that in 5 a side leagues, there is a maximum of eight players per game.

Can I join a 5 a-side league if I am not from London?

Of course you can. There are 5 a-side leagues running in other places from the UK, but you should make sure that you find the ones that suit you best. But if you live close to London, you can drive here, in case you want to benefit from a superior experience.

Is it an expensive choice?

No, it is not. If you plan to rent a football court any time you want to enjoy this activity, it will cost you more. Not to mention the promotions. You can benefits from many if you do a small research.

What happens if we win the match?

In the majority of cases, people from 5 a-side leagues play football for fun. But there are also some leagues that offer their players some prizes. The majority of them are just symbolic.