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Psychotherapy myths you should stop believing

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Although people have been more and more open towards psychotherapy lately, there still are a lot of myths surrounding this line of work. Unfortunately, there are cases when people need help but they refuse seeing a specialist because they don’t know what exactly they would do and how this could help them. Specialists point out that many are still prejudiced when it comes to the activity of a psychotherapist Bristol, so busting the most common myths is essential in raising awareness. These are the things you should never believe when it comes to working with a counsellor.

Sessions won’t be of much help to me

When you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, you might also imagine that going to psychotherapy sessions will do nothing for you. How could someone who doesn’t know you give you advice and understand you? Psychotherapists are trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to understanding the human mind and yes, they can help you. All sessions are at a personal level and centre around you. You can talk about your fears, concerns and problems and this will help you overcome challenges. Talking to your friends or asking for help online is not enough. Professional advice can help you when you are upset or confused and you can get your life on track with the help of private sessions.

If I see a therapist it means I am weak

This is another harmful misconception that will keep you from getting better. Many people believe that if their family and friends find out they are seeing a therapist, they will think they are weak, but that is not true. In the same way that you go see an orthopaedist when you have broken a leg, it is perfectly normal to see a psychotherapist if you’re having emotional issues. In fact, talking about your fears, traumas and problems, opening up to someone, takes a lot of courage.

Psychotherapy is expensive

If you understand the importance and benefits of seeing a counsellor, but you’re still postponing your appointment because you think a session is small luxury, you are wrong. Therapy sessions do require a fee and they might not always be covered by your insurance, but they aren’t as expensive as people think and it’s not difficult to pay for at least one weekly session. Needless to say, seeing a therapist is an investment for your health, so you should not think less of it.