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Personal development begins in pre-school nurseries

Posted by Categories: Family


A great interest, educational wise, lately consists in developing soft skills in children, besides the emblematic literacy and basic math skills. This is a normal reaction, when large corporations put a great accent on soft skills when it comes to their employees. It might seem too early to begin developing them in a pre-school child, but an early start can help them grow healthy and educated, develop interpersonal skills that will help later in life. This pre-school nursery Hendon located puts a great accent on developing soft skill in their students, and this is how they do it.


 Help them visualize diverse situations

Generally, when we are able to visualize diverse situations or notions, we are able to learn more about them. Developing high capabilities of visualizing enables us to increase our intelligence levels and achieve more in everything we do. Luckily, children do have the ability to imagine diverse situations and concepts, and day nursery teachers help them by, for example, telling them a short story and putting them to say out loud what they imagine. Another good strategy to increase their ability to visualise is by describing them a fictional animal or character and let them tell what they think it looks like. The same strategy applies to learning new words. Nursery teachers usually encourage their students to imagine something that will help them remember the word in order to learn to use it properly.

Help them develop healthy friendships

Many children have issues in choosing their friends wisely, so they develop a healthy and positive entourage. To avoid such problems, caretakers in nurseries help them identify some qualities of a good friend, and promote great strategies for developing strong and healthy friendships.

Help them externalise their independence in a constructive way

After developing friendships skills, children usually begin to ignore their parent’s requests. This translates into increased levels of independence and many parents are worried when their children begin to develop them. However, these are not negative aspects, caretakers in nurseries using them in children’s advantage. For this, they encourage children to express different points of view from their colleagues, express their emotions freely and show confidence in everything they do. Of course, nursery caretakers help children understand that limits and boundaries are important in their development, and although they must express their independence, some of those limits have to be followed.