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Parents, stop believing these myths! Enrol your children in intensive driving schools

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When it comes to driving, many parents feel reticent letting their children enrol in driving schools because they are afraid their little ones will not be able to handle the responsibilities that come with this or to actually learn how to drive, as they can easily be distracted. Things get even more complicated when it comes to schools that provide intensive driving course Guildford, due to the many myths that have emerged on this subject over the course of the past years. Here are the most popular myths of all.

It’s impossible to obtain a driving license in only twelve hours!

One of the many myths related to intensive driving schools is that it cannot be possible for someone to actually learn how to drive in a matter of hours. Well, the truth is these intensive driving lessons come with a series of great benefits towards the traditional method and one of those benefits is that you can obtain the driving license a lot faster. Regular driving lessons can take two months or even more, which can be quite frustrating for someone who is on a rush of obtaining the driving license for instance. These intensive courses are the compact version of regular ones, which means that you will be learning to drive in a much shorter period.

They are not suited for teens

Because they are afraid that their children will not be responsible enough behind the wheel, many people tend to say that driving lessons are to be avoided, especially when it comes to intensive ones. It is worth mentioning that intensive driving course is designed not only for teens and other people who are eager to obtain the driving license, but also for people who have been on the road for many years now, yet need some courses to hone their driving skills.

They cost a fortune

Another popular myth on intensive driving schools is that they cost a fortune. This myth has probably appeared out of parents’ fear of their children to take up driving. Parents needed something to tell their little ones in order not to consider enrolling in a driving school and the handiest excuse is that intensive courses are too expensive for them to afford. In reality though, these courses are actually affordable and the difference in terms of price between them and traditional driving schools is nearly insignificant. All parents have to do is find the school that has the best offer to suit their budgets.