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Online salon booking – the best productivity tool for your staff

Posted by Categories: Family

Productivity is the fuel of any business and hair salons make no exception. In order to keep daily activities running smoothly and make the most out of every minutes, all departments of your salon must work together like cogs in a well-oiled machine. As soon as thing start to become disorganized and there is not enough communication, errors start to appear and we all know that in business mistakes cost money. In this particular line of work, one of the biggest challenges that you’ll ever come across is the one of appointments. Sometimes, even the neatest and most organized hairdressers can be overwhelmed and lose track of clients, especially in busy periods such as the wedding season. Online salon booking software can help you out and eliminate human error from the appointment process. Here’s how.



Forget about notebooks – choose precision and certainty


If your hairdressers have a big notebook where they all scribble dates and names, you should through it in the garbage and embrace technology. Using pen and paper is messy, disorganized and confusing. Without noticing, your hairdressers could cancel each other’s appointments and there’s always the risk of simple forgetting what they wrote down. Instead, choose an online salon booking app, where you can easily input all your appointments, filter them by status and get reminders. The data in the app can’t get lost or stolen, because it’s all backed up. You won’t be able to create overlapping appointments, so everything will run more smoothly, you’ll have less queues and therefore no angry clients.



Fix poor workflow distribution


Another bad salon practice that can cost you money is having poor workflow distribution. What this means is that one hairdresser or department is completely booked and people are queuing for them, while another has nothing to do. Salon booking can also help you with this, because you will be able to get a clear overview of who does what and organize appointments more efficiently, and all staff does have equal workload.



Get appointment confirmations


As a hairdresser, it can be very annoying and unproductive to wait for a client and without knowing if they will show up and thus postpone all other appointments. Making phone calls to confirm takes a long time, but, with an online salon booking up, confirmation emails are sent automatically, so you just get the response. This way, there is no more wasted time and everything runs smoothly.


Long term benefits of salon booking apps


What do salon booking apps do other than keeping things organized? Well, in the long run, they save you time and money. Customer satisfaction will increase, because they will appreciate your attention to detail and your reputation will get better and better.