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Men’s underwear guide: best fabrics for men’s boxer briefs

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Typically not every man’s concern, the fabric in which their underwear is made from has a great impact on their levels of comfort and their health equally. Although many don’t think too much about it, maybe their partners are more careful when picking the underwear. However, if you are a man grown enough to stay on your own, you should be able to tell the difference by a good pair of Cams Underpants best boxer briefs and a mediocre one. But let’s find out more about the best fabrics for men’s underwear.

Cotton boxer briefs

One of the most common fabrics from which the large manufacturers produce their underwear in, cotton has become widely used in this industry for several reasons. It is natural and breathable; it is highly affordable and absorbent, perfect to keep you private areas safe and healthy. It is perfect in most of the cases, exceeding other fabrics in wearing conditions. However, experts advise those who tend to exercise a lot to ditch the old cotton briefs when working out and replace them with nylon ones. Since cotton absorbs quite well humidity, it will become easily impregnated with all the sweat resulted when working out, which is uncomfortable.

Modal boxer briefs

Nothing beats this particular fabric in the softness department. And if nylon is not fit for you, this fabric might work wonders. It might not be the most appropriate to wear while working out, since it does not offer plenty of support, but under jeans or suit pants, it works great. Being so soft, boxer briefs in modal fabric are considerably more confortable to wear than others are.

Nylon boxer briefs

Keeping the wearer dry this complex of microfibers is also a great alternative for those who cannot wear cotton briefs due to prolonged exercising periods. Also, the color in this fabric will maintain over the years, so you don’t have to worry about looking unaesthetic over the years. However, even those who are not big working out fans can wear underwear in such fabrics, since it works wonderful in all wearing conditions.

Polyester boxer briefs

This thin and breathable fabric is widely used in the underwear manufacturing industry because of its amazing properties. It offers great support, comparable to cotton, but it is half as thin as cotton is. It’s perfect for those who prefer wearing tight jeans or pants since it stays very close to the body. However, this particular fabric is not as absorbing as cotton is, thus it might be a little uncomfortable for those who sweat profusely.

Silk boxer briefs

Maybe the most elegant fabric for underwear, it is amazing even for those with sensitive skin types. Although it does not offer high levels of support, for occasion in which you don’t need it, it is perfect. It is a cooling fabric, perfect for hot summer days.

Make sure that you consider a great pair of boxers in one of the fabrics above.