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Learn how foot orthotics reduces low back pain

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Finding a treatment for lower back pain that can provide effective relief is a process of trial and error. However, there is one treatment that provides well-needed relief from lower back pain: shoe inserts. According to medical theory, foot and ankle problems cause lower back misalignment or imbalances, which in time lead to lower back pain. Therefore, foot orthotics in Ottawa are used to treat people who are suffering from dysfunctions or imbalances. Orthotics realign the way the feet articulate themselves on the ground, which in turn affects the body’s posture and gait. So, what is the relationship between shoe inserts and lower back pain?

The mechanism of walking

In order to understand how shoe inserts work, it is necessary to get a clear understanding of the mechanism of walking. The vertical axis of the heel lands slightly inverted to the ground with each step; from this point, the foot starts to flatten and comes off the ground at the toes. The point is that during each step the weight is shifted from laterally to medially and back to laterally again. Since the feet are the basis of the kinetic chain, each joint above the feet is considered a link in the chain. Should there be a structural problem, then the foot is likely to collapse under the weight of the body. The stress on the feet eventually radiates pain to the lower back.

Foot orthotics and low back pain

Foot orthotics definitely help manage low back pain by improving and stabilizing the position of the feet, which in turn will improve every aspect of predominant movement. An orthotic is used in order to adjust the contact between the foot and the ground, which will allow the entire foot to withstand the weight of the body. By using appropriate orthotic devices, the abnormal compensations are eliminated and the body parts function more correctly. Extra cushioning is also used so that the foot does not force the reach.

Prescription foot orthotics

Prescription foot orthotics have a rear foot post, which pre-fabricated foot shoe inserts do not have. The rear foot is a wedge that lessens underneath the heel and which is generally customized for each individual. The rear foot post wedge shifts the ankles outward and back to your correct position underneath the shine bone. Although both types of shoe inserts, namely prefabricated and prescription, have beneficial effects in improving walking, the benefits of prescription orthotics last longer.

In conclusion, it is important to make mention of the fact that while orthotics reduce lower back pain, other factors should be considered as well, reason why they may not be effective in all cases. For instance, people with gait dysfunction may find shoe inserts to be only part of the solution.