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Key rules when choosing a restaurant for your first date

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Do you want to impress your date with the place you choose to meet at your first date? What about picking a restaurant? Restaurants are a classic choice, because they allow you to find more about each other on what drinks and food you prefer, and it is a setting, which would not make any of you feel uncomfortable. However, choose carefully, because the place you select has a huge impact on the date. If you choose a table for two persons on a junk food store, you would not impress her, and you would definitely do not get a second date. In case you have not figured out what place you should choose, and the great number of restaurants in Richmond overwhelms you, then you should take your time to read the following rules, because they would prove of great help.

Check the music played in the restaurant

Make sure that you would not need signboards to communicate during your first date, because you would not be able to enjoy the company, and she would be disappointed by your choice. For getting a second date, you have to be able to communicate easily, and if the music is too loud, and you have to yell at each other, you would not make a good impression. So, you have to choose a restaurant where soft music is listened, for example one where Jazz is played is perfect for this occasion. A place where romantic music is played is ok, but make sure that you would not end up listening to corny or sweet songs.

Do not ignore the menu

You might prefer sushi, but if your date has not revealed that she loves raw fish, you should not take her to this type of restaurant. If you have no idea, what the menu of a certain restaurant is, you can check online, because there are many online directories that contain details about these aspects. If you have not discussed about the dishes she prefers, you should pick a restaurant, which offers you many options when it comes to food. In this way, your partner would not agonise that she does not know what to choose, and she would be able to concentrate on speaking to you.

Romance is the key

Keep in mind during your search that you have to find a restaurant where romance is the main theme. This does not mean that you have to choose a restaurant full of candles and couples, because she might find it a little too intimidating. You should avoid choosing a place which is highly agglomerated during nighttime, because you would feel the need to stay in a place where you can hear each other, and do not feel like everyone is watching you. They should serve romantic food, and Italian or Mediterranean cuisine is considered the most romantic choice. A delicious dish with a glass of wine would guarantee you a successful date. Take a look online, and you would find great help on choosing the right restaurant for your first date.