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Issues that matter: become more active in your community

Posted by Categories: Family

You see many influential public figures easily combining business success and social responsibility by using their profits to ensure universal well-being. Whether they choose to donate knowledge, money or time to charitable causes, such an altruistic behavior transforms them into admirable philanthropists. The simple act of giving can prove to be very rewarding. Even though you do not have the financial resources to support charities, identify and tackle problems in infrastructure, write big checks or spread awareness, you can become more active in the community. Small gestures matter just as much as fat checks. If you think about it, the community is just a bigger version of a happy family because it gives you a sense of belonging, not to mention the warmth, friendship and kindness. How well do you know your neighbors? Did you take the time to introduce yourself since the moment you moved into the neighborhood? If not, it is never too late to make new friends. Grasp the nettle and after introducing yourself, try to engage in small talks.

There are many ways to help others including volunteering

Building solid relationships with other people in your community is very important because you cannot make a difference by yourself like Moshe Kantor, an international public figure businessman and philanthropist, just like the ones described above. The process begins with a simple “Hi!” and ends with “Thank You!”, coming from numerous needy people that you helped without any hidden interest or without expecting anything in return. You can follow the example of many large-hearted out there and volunteer. Get in touch with one or more organizations, which assess your set of skills and preferences before giving you a job. They might also do a background check as a safety measure, but this should not represent a problem or an inconvenient. There are many ways through which you can help others including reading to elders at retirement homes or to children in the hospital, becoming a dog walker, donating food or clothes. As long as you have good intentions, you do not lack methods to get involved in the community.

Become politically involved and advocate on local issues

If you want other communities to follow your example, you can put all these good deeds on youtube so that other people can view them and understand the importance of directing your attention towards issues that matter and truly making a difference, even if just locally. Have you ever thought about becoming politically active? Joining the neighborhood council, standing for local election, starting a petition and speaking out in the community are great ways to bring your contribution in the political field. Show other people that you have the right to advocate on issues that concern an entire community instead of just sitting and witnessing all the wrongdoings and unethical behavior. Once again, you do not have to be alone in the process. Discuss with your neighbors and friends so that you can build a strong team and speak your minds.