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Is drug addiction hereditary?

Posted by Categories: Family

They say that genes run in the family. But what about drug addiction? For a long time, researchers have been trying to understand the predisposition to drug addiction.  They have come to the conclusion that craving medicine or other substances that have a physiological effect when ingested is due 50 percent to a genetic predisposition. Put simply, some people are prone to succumbing to drug addiction. If someone in your family has been struggling with addiction, chances are that you too will end up in the same situation because you share the same genetic factors. While you’re highly likely to have behavioral problems, it doesn’t mean that you’ll engage in substance use. It simply means that there is a possibility of it happening.


The link between genetics and drug addiction

As hard as it may seem to believe, there is a close connection between genetics and drug addiction. Scientists haven’t been able to identify an addiction gene, but they do know that up to 60 percent of injurious habits and activities are due to genetic factors. According to The Holistic Sanctuary, those with a family history of substance abuse are very likely to struggle themselves. Illicit drug abuse, in particular, is under considerable genetic influence. The genes are the ones that command the way in which the individual reacts to different medications or substances, in terms of experiencing pain or withdrawal. As far as these people are concerned, drug abuse can easily transform into drug addiction.

Mode of inheritance

One of the various ways in which a condition can be inherited is through mutations. By mutations, we’re talking about mutations in one copy of the gene. What happens is that genetic traits are transferred through families, leading to the same phenotype in different individuals. It’s important to draw attention to the fact that even one genetic variant is enough. It’s not necessary to take a close look at patterns of inheritance to understand that genetics account for half of the risk for developing addiction. Some people are more likely to succumb to addiction than others. Nevertheless, everyone has the potential for addiction. It simply happens.

Help is out there

Addiction is commonly associated with the loss of free will. Why? Probably because the substances take over the mind, making it impossible to think clearly. The drugs hijack the mind, so it’s no wonder that it doesn’t function properly. If you happen to be suffering from compulsive substance use, get help immediately.  There are numerous holistic rehabilitation centers to help you out. Discover the best holistic rehabs and get better. Facilities of this kind provide assistance to people suffering from all sorts of illnesses, including but not limited to addiction, anxiety, and depression. If you’re not sure whether or not to take the holistic path, find out that there is great emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit. It’s smart to choose the natural way of healing. Why pump your body with drugs when you can heal naturally? Think about it.