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How to use your Iphone for amazing photography

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If you just discovered your passion for photography and you do not benefit from a professional device yet, there is no need to worry because you can make use of your Iphone in order to capture unique moments and create stunning collages. Unless you are a tech junkie, you probably did not find out everything your Iphone is capable of and all the tricks you can do for stepping up your game in terms of photography.  Therefore, until you purchase the necessary camera, you can practice with your current tool, make the most of its advanced features and improve your skills. The camera app is obvious and you definitely used it multiple times but certain settings are “hidden” and you might have missed them or not discovered yet how to use them. For instance, besides focusing, do you know how to set exposure, namely to control the brightness or darkness of the image or have you considered using a hardware shutter? Moreover, do you know how to reduce camera shake?

Focus and exposure

First, in terms of focus and exposure, things are quite simple. Assuming that you want to photograph a person inside a room but the light coming from the window in the back transforms her into a silhouette to balance the light contrast. This can be unpleasant but you can brighten up the scene by focusing and tapping on her. Consequently, you will lose details in the distance but your main objective from the beginning was to obtain a beautiful picture of the person in question so it should not represent a problem. In addition, if you wish to lock the exposure, you just need to tap and hold with your finger on the screen. When you want to unlock, tap anywhere on the screen. If you wish to see various examples of photos or discover more about photography, visit

Camera shake

Creative photography demands a lot of implication and awkward positions. This means that you will not always be able to use the onscreen button in order to take different shots. If you do not know this trick yet, you can use your headphones in certain angles and distances by pressing on the buttons located on the cable that control the volume. This also helps with the camera shake so even professional photographers use it. Of course, they have a tripod that holds the camera because human touch does not help with the shaking, especially in such delicate moments. For this reason, holding selfies sticks does not represent a good solution in this case.

Rule of grids

You should not neglect the grid feature on your Iphone because it can transform your photos in pieces of art by helping you keep in mind the composition and adjust the level of each shot. You can recognize this useful tool by the appearance of two vertical and two horizontal lines on the screen, thus dividing it into nine equal parts. When capturing a person or an object, make sure that you place them where two grid lines intersect. This represents a secret, also known as the rule of grids that will improve the quality of your pictures.