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How to Use the Flat Iron in More than One Way

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The flat iron is a versatile hair styling tool, but it’s more versatile than you know because you can use it for multiple purposes, and not just for straightening your hair. If you already own a flat iron you’re a lucky person because you can use this tool to change your hairstyle every day. If not, look for a nice flat iron, such as the rusk professional flat iron, that will help you achieve more than a straight hair. Read this article if you want to learn how to use your flat iron in multiple ways.

Create colorful tips with chalk

Nowadays, pastel and bright hair colors are very popular but these hairstyles are very easy to create, especially when you have a flat iron around. You can find chalk pastels online or in your local art supply store. To create the colorful tips, run the chalk on the strands of your slightly damp hair and use the flat iron to seal in the color so that it doesn’t disappear after a couple of hours or so.

Crimp your hair

If you are planning to go to a ’80s themed party or you simply want to create a fun hairstyle, you can try crimping your hair with the flat iron. Begin by grabbing a one-inch section of hair and place the flat iron at the root. Then you can twist your wrist slowly while gliding the iron through the hair strand until you reach the ends. Repeat this process until all of your hair is crimped. You can also try braiding your hair into small sections and use your flat iron on each section to give your locks a crimped texture. For this to happen, you will need a good flat iron that will help achieve a crimped hair easier.

Create bouncy and flirtatious waves

If you don’t own a curling iron, rest assured because you can use your straightener to create big and bouncy curls, that are so popular at singers and famous Hollywood actresses. Begin by positioning the flat iron near your scalp, and then wrap a small section almost one inch of hair around the flat iron plates. Then simply pull the flat iron away from your head, similar to how you would use a scissor to curl a ribbon for a gift. Repeat on each strand of hair until your entire hair is curled.

Use your flat iron to remove wrinkles from clothes

Did you know that you can use your flat iron for getting rid of those stubborn wrinkles from fabrics? If you don’t have to time to use a regular iron and you don’t own a clothes steamer, you can use your flat iron to get rid of wrinkles from your shirt, dress or straighten shirt collars, sleeves or other places that are hard to reach with a regular iron. However, when using your flat iron on clothes, make sure that it is set under 300 degrees and avoid using it on delicate fabrics.