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How to stay motivated to go to the gym

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Fitness bloggers and sports enthusiasts make working out look really easy, but the reality is that staying fit involves a lot of sweat, effort and self-discipline. To get visible results and be your best self, you need to have the power to push your own limits and stick to the fitness plan even when your instinct tells you to stop and eat crisps on the sofa. Staying motivated is a major struggle that even world class athletes experience from time to time and, considering how hectic life can get, it’s perfectly normal. But you shouldn’t stay into this mindset for too long, because it can set you back. You need to develop a personal strategy that keeps you enthusiastic and plan out your fitness schedule so that it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the rest of your daily activities.


Rely on a personal trainer


Working out alone is tricky; few people can do it without losing their motivation or hurting themselves. The main issue with trying to lose weight on your own is that you may not know what groups of muscles to exercise or how to choose the right intensity. As a result, you’ll feel tired, but you may not see any result and quit. A personal trainer from Changes Health and Fitness will help you create a customised fitness plan based on your abilities and requirements, and also oversee your progress. He will stay by your side, encourage you to keep working and make adjustments to your plan so that your exercises are always 100% effective.


Take it slow


If your new to fitness and this is your first time going to the gym, remember to take it slow and not push yourself too hard from the very beginning. You might be very enthusiastic and try all the exercises and fitness machines at once, but that’s not how things should be done. You’ll only feel exhausted and won’t be able to do anything else the next day. Instead, start with exercises close to your level and exercise groups of muscles methodically.


Find a schedule that works for you


Another considerable obstacle that keeps many people from working out is a busy schedule. Many of us intend to join a gym at one point, end up skipping sessions because of work, children and social life. Without a doubt, finding an hour for the gym between going to the office, taking care of the kids and meeting with friends isn’t easy. But, if you know how to plan your day, you can get to the gym and feel excited about it. Depending on your work schedule, you can either go to the gym early in the morning, or after work. If you don’t have a long commute time, early gym sessions are preferable, because you’ll have energy for the entire day. In any case, you should find a gym near you, so that you can get there quickly. Some gyms even have special child care programs, so someone looks after your kids as you work out!