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How to prepare for your first spin class

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Spin classes are a form of indoor cycling that is set to music and is led by a certified instructor. Spinning is good for anyone who is looking for a motivating workout that you can control at your own pace. You can still enjoy spinning even if you are not particularly into choreographic-based fitness classes. Spinning is neither complex, nor does it involve a complicated rhythm. In fact, spinning is so low-impact that it is suitable for people who have joint problems. Before going to Gym Hope Valley, you should learn the basics.

Choose clothes and footwear that maximise your abilities on the bike

When you are exercising, the likelihood is that you will deal with perspiration. You should dress in something that reduce sweating. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen are better for exercise because they will allow you to breathe better. Linen in particular will make you feel cooler and will transfer the heat away from your body. With regard to footwear, you have a lot of options. Although the vast majority of gyms offer shoes for your first class, others do not, in which case you can lock into the bike straps with your regular sneakers. However, you should buy a pair of shoes that you are going to use regularly because it will make your ride that more efficient.

Get to the gym early

Even if you can reserve your bike online, you will need to change into your cycling shoes and set up your bike. The first thing that you need to do when you walk into class and find the instructor and ask him to set up your bike properly since they are designed for all sizes, shapes and abilities. What is of great importance is your seat height. You should be in a position in which you can get proper knee extension, but you should not be so high that you cannot reach down to the pedals. Equally important is feeling comfortable with the handlebars. You should not have them too low because you will experience pain in your shoulders and back.

Do not sit in the back

While it may be very tempting to sit in the back, you should reserve a bike in the second row. The first row will be filled with experienced spinners and you can watch them as well as the instructor when you start out. Additionally, having riders behind you will encourage you to stay motivated on hills and sprints.

Acknowledge spinning terms

Similar to any sport, there are some important terms that you should know and, most important understand. The most important concept that you need to bear in mind is cadence. Cadence stands for pedalling speed in resolutions per minute, which translates into the fact that you will be making a complete revolution 60 times in only one minute. Of course, cadence will vary according to terrain and the instructor may ask you to do a cadence check and thus count the revolutions per minute.