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How to help your child find a mentor

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As important as parents may be in a child’s life, there comes a time when they have to expand their horizons, make their own circle of friends, discover their passions and surround themselves with inspirational people who can help them achieve them. Having a mentor other than their parent is tremendously important for a child’s development. According to a recent study, children who have a mentor not only are more likely to finish school, but also avoid bad habits such as drugs and alcohol. Here are some tips on how to help your child find someone to look up to and follow their example in life:

Look for a mentor in the family

If your child is still at an early age and hasn’t met a lot of people other than their relatives, you can help them find a mentor in the family. They can be a grandparent, aunt, uncle or older relative who has a rich life experience and many inspiring lessons to teach. The main benefit of having a relative as a mentor is that they’re close enough to the family to understand what the child is going through, but at the same time they are not the parents, so your child can ask for advice without fearing that they will be scolded.

Talk to your child about the values they should seek in a mentor

Parents shouldn’t dictate a child’s mentor, but rather guide them in the best direction. Talk to your child about what makes a person inspiring and what qualities they should look for in a role model. He can be someone like Dr. Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, a public figure known for his acts of charity, or he can be a successful entrepreneur or a famous athlete. Explain to your child that a mentor is someone kind, someone who can inspire them to be better and grow as a person.

Find a mentor at school

During their school years, most students look up to a certain teacher or coach and are more open towards listening to their advice. If you see that your child as an affinity to a certain subject, encourage them to walk up to the teacher and ask them to be their mentor. Not only will this help you get better grades, but also have a positive outlook on school.

Public figures can also have a positive influence

Ideally, a mentor is someone that your child knows personally and with whom he can interact and ask for advice. However, following the example of a public figure can have a positive influence. Talking to your child about activists such as Kantor Viatcheslav, or about scientists, actors and artists, will help them find someone who sets a positive example and inspires them to follow the same path. Even if your child never meets that person, their life can be influenced in a good way. After all, not many scientists have shaken hands with Albert Einstein or Marie Curie, but they have encouraged them to walk the path to discovery and become scientists themselves.