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How to Clean Your Home in Less Time

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If you spend too much time cleaning your house, perhaps you don’t know which are the tips that can help you save time and energy during the cleaning routine. A little organization and the right cleaning utensils will help you get the job done faster and with less effort. This article will show you how you can have a sparkling clean home in less time than your usual house cleaning used to take.

  • Before you start any cleaning process, get your tools and equipment so you will have everything within reach. Instead of struggling with a cumbersome vacuum cleaner, use a a quality robot vacuum like the Infinuvo Cleanmate qq2 robot vacuum, which takes care of your floors without your assistance so you can use that time for cleaning another area. The Infinuvo Cleanmate can be set to work on its own so you can save time and finish cleaning faster and it can go to another room once it has finished the previous one.
  • Start the cleaning with the bathroom and kitchen since you can spray the tiles and sanitary ware and leave the cleaning product work while you do something else around the house. You will manage to save a lot of time since you will be taking care of another chore while the cleaning product does its job. All you will have to do is wash with water at the end and your kitchen and bathroom tiles will look stunning.
  • Unless they are extremely dirty, wipe the kitchen counters with a disinfecting wipe and rearrange everything on the counters and in the cabinets. Don’t waste too much time cleaning and arranging an area that doesn’t require too much attention.
    • Once you have collected dirty laundry, load the washing machine and have them washed so you will get rid of this chore while you can take care of another one. The dishes should also be loaded in the dishwasher because a kitchen cluttered with dirty dishes will never be a clean kitchen. Find the best dishwasher for your kitchen on, a website that contains information on various dishwasher models so it will be easier for you to spend your money wisely on a complex and practical unit.
  • Focus on large rooms that take longer and start by picking up clutter such as garbage and dirty laundry. Arrange the beds, fold the clothes, and put everything in place before you go to the next room so you will not have to come back to the previous room.
  • Use wet wipes for collecting dust instead of a dry cloth so you won’t spread the dust into the air while wiping the furniture. This way, you will minimize the time spent on cleaning as there will be less debris reaching the floors and it will take less to clean the furniture.

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