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Guidelines to change corporate Internet providers

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When running a business, it’s always challenging to change the corporate Internet service provider because there are so many options on the market. You need to consider the benefits the present provider offers, and browse the market for other more effective ones. A comparison would be helpful to highlight the services each company offers.

Even if the process itself is straightforward, the choice involves a lot of research because you must make sure the new provider understands your needs. With a call, you change the services provider, but implementing the new services throughout the entire organisation may be a complex process. Changing the Internet service provider requires legwork because you need to order and install new equipment, and check if your software is compatible with them. So, before reaching another service provider, follow the next steps to ensure you’ll experience no issues.

Obtain authorisation

If you don’t own the company, but you think it’s best to change the internet service provider with a new one, you must obtain authorization from the expert in charge of communications. Reach them and ask them to provide you with the account information of the present Internet provider. If your company uses a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you may need to inform the new provider.

Inform team members

Call a meeting with the people in charge of the communications department to find out the criteria they used to hire the present service provider. They first picked a specific provider because of some preselected requirements, and you must find out what they are before looking for a new one. With information at hand, weigh all the options available on the market, and find the one that offers the largest monthly data allotment, and fastest connection speed. When you use tools like Business Central it’s best to have high-quality service to make sure it functions top-notch.

When you switch between Internet providers, you should also inform the employees that rely on web services because the change may interfere with their work.

Call the existing provider

Once you pick the new Internet company and opt for a service package you must contact the existing provider and set up a cancel date for their services. If you use tools like Dynamics 365 Business Central reach their provider to find out if the switch affects their effectiveness. It’s best not to cancel the subscription from your old internet provider before the new connection is set up and functional. In the worst-case scenario, there will be days with your business left without Internet service, and you may lose money. Ask the new provider how long it may take to switch to their new equipment to make a plan.

Have the right employees to install the new equipment

Ask the new internet provider to send a team of professionals specialised in corporate internet connections. They should visit your headquarters in advance to assess its particular needs, and determine the equipment and service necessary. Simultaneously disseminate information among your new employees to inform them how to use the new pieces of equipment and services.