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Getting the best offer for your old family car

Posted by Categories: Family


No matter how attached of you old family car you might be, there comes a time when selling it and investing in a new one is necessary. And when that time comes, you want to make sure that you’ll end up with a great deal for your old piece. But how could you manage such a complicated process? We have some answers for you in the following paragraphs.

1. Search for online comparison platforms

Maybe one of the most advantageous solutions one has when it comes to finding the best buyer for their old car is finding a reliable comparison platform where the buyer and seller are directly connected. In many cases, the platform is not offering such advantages; the entire process is managed through intermediaries. But in the case of this free car valuation website, things are different. The process is not handled through intermediaries and as a result, no valuation costs appear. Such platforms choose to let the user sell the vehicle directly to the car dealer and get the highest price possible for it. Also, they only collaborate with reliable and registered vehicle dealers, in order to increase the levels of security and satisfaction of their users. These platforms have a user-friendly interface and they offer fast solutions in terms of view boking as well as payment. Consider this option your first when you want to sell you old family vehicle.

2. Beautify your car, no matter the buyer

All buyers want to make sure that they are investing in a well-maintained vehicle. As a result, it would be great if you could invest in professional car washing services before your viewing. Also, try to fix any visible and mechanic malfunctions that your car might have. Both dealers and private car buyers are reluctant to invest their finances in vehicles which need expensive interventions after purchasing those. Ask the professional car washer to clean your engine as well. It will be more visible for the potential buyer. Also, dirt, oil and dust are very likely to ruin the appearance of an otherwise impeccable engine and buyers are very likely to stay away from your car.

3. Get your vehicle inspected before selling it

Having proof from a professional car shop that your vehicle is working perfectly will also help you get a better deal. You will also find out if there any issues with your vehicle and you can adapt your price to those. If your vehicle is in good condition, make sure to ask the car shop to attest this by a paper. This will help you when selling the vehicle, regardless of the buyer.

4. Get some great shots of your vehicle

If you want to increase your chances when advertising your vehicle online, make sure that you take some high-quality photos of it. The pictures should be clear and you should always photograph your vehicle in daylight. Buyers are reluctant to consider a vehicle advertised in night-time photos, because it might have aesthetic issues.