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Easy Tips for Cleaning a Home Swimming Pool

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When people think about having a pool at home, they are scared of the idea of having to perform regular maintenance that implies a lot of hassle. Although it’s true that you must take good care of your home pool, it’s also true that you can find easy ways to keep the pool clean. Here are some easy tips for cleaning a home swimming pool with little effort.

Use the Aquabot Elite robotic pool cleaner

Instead of allowing plenty of dirt and debris to gather in your swimming pool, make skimming part of your routine. You can either use a manual skimmer that you will use to collect the dirt, leaves, and other larger debris from your pool, or you can invest in the best rated robotic pool cleaner that will do all the hard work for you. Automatic pool cleaners are gaining more and more popularity each day, as these devices are highly efficient and incredibly easy to use. The Aquabot Elite is one of the best rated automatic pool cleaners.

The Aquabot Elite is the best rated robotic pool cleaner because it can handle any type of debris. Thanks to its Jetforce filter technology, it can even trap very large debris. To learn more about it, go to and take a look at the Aquabot Elite ratings. Use the ratings to compare it with similarly priced cleaners, and you will see that it stays way ahead of its competition. With this device, all you will have to do is start it and let it do the scrubbing and skimming for you. The powerful brushes it contains scrub off the dirt from the surface of the pool and the vacuum motor absorbs the impurities from the water.

Clean the pool filter regularly

The pool’s filter is essential in the cleaning process because it removes from the water impurities like dirt, leaves, small objects that fall into the pool, and any debris that might end up in the pool. This is why it’s essential to keep the filter clean so it will manage to yield in cleaning the pool. To clean the filter, turn it off, remove the filter cap from the pool deck, lift and remove the filter basket, and remove the debris that might be collected there. It’s best to clean the pipes as well by setting the filter to backwash, removing the leaf basket and cleaning it. Once you do that, turn on the pump and let it run until clean water comes out.

Control the alkalinity with baking soda

The chemicals required for cleaning the pool can be very expensive and might require assistance from a professional cleaning team. Thankfully, you can replace these chemicals with a much simpler alternative that will help you control the alkalinity of your pool without interfering with the pH levels. Such an alternative is the baking soda, a common ingredient you are likely to have at home and that can have the same effect as the sodium bicarbonate found in most pool cleaning chemicals. Simply add baking soda to the pool water and leave it to work.

Use chlorine tablets

Sanitizing tablets are easy to use and they are extremely helpful so to get rid of germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements. They dissolve slowly and release chlorine to eliminate any bacteria in the pool. The label will let show the right amount of tablets you should use when cleaning the pool, so it’s important to read it thoroughly. Furthermore, you can add tablets to your floater and skimmer so to properly disinfect them.

Those being said, proper cleaning will bring multiple benefits, the main being a long pool lifespan. At the same time, health is the primordial aspect to consider, so in order to take care of your family’s health, it’s important to protect them from bacteria and germs. All the below-listed products will help you do this, providing you with clean and clear water, so you can enjoy healthy soaking.