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Easy backyard DIY projects for the entire family

Posted by Categories: Family

Are you looking for productive ways to fill your time with? You want to spend more time with your family doing something that every single one of you enjoys? Then you definitely need to try these backyard DIY projects. Even though you might think you are not great with Do It Yourself projects, it’s easier than you believe. Once you’ll see the result, you are going to be happier and prouder than you expected. Plus, it’s addictive. Once you start catching the taste of DIY projects, you’ll want to do more and more. Here are some projects you can complete with your entire family during relaxed Sundays:

Mason Jar Lanterns

Do you possess a lot of mason jars that have no use at the moment? How about turning them into something great? You will only need some affordable ribbons, the mason jars, a few candles and decorative elements that you fancy (coloured sand, pretty stones and crystals and so on). Place the decorative elements inside your mason jars, add a small candle in each one of them, place a ribbon around the jars and hang them in trees or place them on the tables inside your garden. You can ask your family members to paint the jars beforehand, for a fun activity with a gorgeous result.

Tree Swings

This is one of the easiest DIY projects you can try with your family. Tree swings are always a delight, regardless of your age. Plus, you don’t need a lot of things to create one. The only thing you should pay attention to is the weight limit of the rope you are using for the swing. You and your family can learn how to make a double-running bowline knot, the strongest knot for such purposes.

Stepping Stones

Another beautiful project for the garden is represented by stepping stones. If your backyard is covered in green grass, adding some stepping stones here and there will give a beautiful effect to it. Moreover, they are easy to make. Find a pattern that you fancy and gather these items to create the stones: quick-setting concrete, water, a round mold and some decorative elements. Place the water and concrete mix into the mold, add the stones or other decorative items you have and there you have it – a beautiful stepping stone for your backyard. Unleash your imagination and have fun while creating something useful for your garden.