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DIY toys for toddlers they will love

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Finding the perfect toy for your toddler is not always easy. Because of this reason, many modern mommies prefer to improvise and create their own toys for their precious little moppets. The idea of repurposing different items and creating fun toys for our children is a constant preoccupation for mothers around UK. And if you want to find out how you can turn organza bags UK manufactured into great toys for your children, continue reading below.

DIY organza bag dolls

Those small, colourful little fabric bags can be easily turned into small dolls, perfect for your toddler. Simply fill those bags with cotton balls, seal them at the top, then tie a piece of ribbon where the doll’s waist should be, apply googly eyes with your hot glue gun, and then, on the top of your doll’s head, glue a couple of colourful strings. Apply a button as a hat, and you have one great, cheap doll for your toddler. And if they ruin it, you can create another, because they are so cheap!

Outdoor mosquito-proof tent

If you want your toddler to breath some fresh air but you fear those mosquito bites, you can easily transform an old, see through curtain in an outdoor, breathable tent. Glue the old piece of fabric (pre washed, of course) on a hula hoop, and by using a couple of sturdy strings of rope, secure the hoop on a tree branch. Then, create a comfortable interior, by placing a couple of soft pillows inside the tent. Bring a couple of toys, and let your toddler enjoy the fresh spring air!

Pool noodle toy

You can easily transform a pool noodle in a great toy by cutting it into half, placing one end on a box so it becomes slightly angled, and let your child roll down the pool noodle all the balls they have. If you want to make the process of collecting those balls easier, place a small container at the other end of the noodle.

Make your child a drum set out of old paint boxes

If you just finished to redecorate your home, don’t throw away those paint containers! Make out of them a set of drums for your child. Maybe they discover the artistic side they have. Paint the containers in a single colour, if you want create a unique design, and hand your child a set of improvised sticks!