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Did you know that calcium needs vary throughout life?

Posted by Categories: Family

Did you know that calcium is two per cent from your weight? The highest quantity of calcium is found in your teeth and skeleton, and the rest is stored in the blood and tissue, so if you have ever wondered why you should eat foods rich in calcium, and include supplements in your daily diet, here you have the answer. It plays an essential role in the health state of your bones and teeth and in the proper functioning of the other systems from your body. In case you are in touch with these facts, you might have taken care to include it in your diet, but you might never thought that different persons have different needs when it comes to calcium. Well, if you ask your doctor, they would confirm you, that according to some specific aspects, you have to take a certain quantity of AlgaeCal Calcium.

How calcium needs vary throughout my life?

You should know that according to your age, you have to take a certain quantity of calcium. The amount starts growing with age, and if babies under 1 year old need only 270 mg, children between 9 to 11 years old need 1000mg. After you are 18 years old, the amount would differ according to your gender, because women need 1300 mg while men only 1000 mg.

Are there people with special calcium needs?

Actually, there are some groups of people, who need special amount of calcium, because they are part from certain groups. For example, if you have a baby who is formula fed, then, you would have to talk with the doctor of giving him or her calcium supplements, because he or she would need more, than a breastfed baby would. The calcium from this formula is not as efficiently absorbed as the one from breast milk, so you have to offer them an extra quantity. Because the tissue in young children is constantly growing, they also have special needs when it comes to calcium, and you have to talk with a specialist if your child is experiencing this period. A similar period is the puberty one, because pre-teens and teens build peak bone mass during this time, and they have to take the required amount of calcium for not developing disorders as osteoporosis later. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also need to include in their diet foods rich in calcium and supplements, because they have to be able to maintain their bone mass in this period.

Should I consider calcium supplements?

If you are part of these categories, or from any other one which is known as having difficulties in absorbing calcium from food, you should consider taking supplements, because they would help you provide your body the quantity it requires for functioning properly. The condition is to choose a reliable provider, because you have to be sure that, it offers you products that contain the amount of substance you need, and that you take quality supplements. Discuss with your doctor and see what they recommend you.