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Depression in men – how to recognise if your partner is depressed?

Posted by Categories: Family

When one of the partners has depression, the condition affects the life of both of them. Depression makes people feeling hopeless and they are not able to see the opportunities their life is offering them. In partnership, it is important to recognise the symptoms of depression the other is experiencing, because it is your role to help them get through this period. You are the one who has to initiate the first steps in order them to recover and to understand what problem has led to this situation. When one of the partners has depression, the other gets caught in the mood swings they are experiencing and they do not know what they can do for the unexplained suffering they feel. You do not have to consider their depression as yours and you to suffer together with them, you have to do your best to help them heal. If you are able to recognise the depression signs then you can encourage them to get the help they need.

How can you recognise if your partner is experiencing depression?

When in a relationship we are accustomed to see the positives and negatives periods the other one gets through. We see them getting vulnerable, but this does not mean that they are suffering from depression. When they negative states extend over a long period of time, then is the moment to try to see if your partner has depression symptoms.

Every person experiences depression in a unique way, but some signs are common. Because you are living together, you can easily notice if they have some of the following symptoms: mood swings, a feeling of hopeless, loss of interest, changes in weight, changes in appetite, anxiety, abnormal sleeping patterns, thoughts about suicide and death. Keep in mind the fact that if you ask them directly if they feel depressed they may hide it from you, because men refuse to talk about their mental issues.

How can you help him?

Your help could be enormous for them, once you recognise the signs you have to make your own responsibility to help them recover. The first thing you have to do is to listen to what they have to say, because they might been trying for a long period to tell you that they are not feeling well. Encourage them to seek professional help, because they cannot get through this period alone. There are multiple holistic centres that can offer them the support they need.