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Common symptoms of calcium deficiency

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Calcium deficiency is an issue that has caused many people further health complications. Although this problem should not be taken lightly, there is an efficient way to keep it under control – calcium supplementation. The market offers a wide range of supplements, and you even have the possibility to read Algaecal reviews online, to check what these capsules contain. If you are not quite sure if calcium deficiency is a problem in your case, there are a few warning signs that may indicate the issue. Here are the most common symptoms:


One sign that most people do not know that is can be linked to a deficiency in calcium is insomnia. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, then perhaps your body might have a lower level of calcium than normal. This is the one of the first signs that may appear, and as soon as you notice the problem repeating itself, consult a specialist and see if taking a supplement is necessary.

Brittle and weak nails

Because calcium is essential in keeping your bones and nails strong and healthy, as soon as a deficiency occurs, your nails will start to break more easily, becoming brittle and weak. Although you may not notice this sign right from the start, if it becomes an issue, you should consider it a warning sign, and think more about supplementation.

Difficulty losing weight

This is probably the most unknown symptom – difficulties with weight loss. If you have tried everything to lose a few pounds, and no diet seems to work, even if you may not have thought about it, it can have something to do with calcium deficiency. Studies have shown that calcium has a role in the storage and processing of fat in the body, and when the body’s calcium level is lower than normal, it loses this ability. Supplements can help you get your diet back on track, and you will see good results.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms yourself, then it is imperative to start taking an efficient supplement. The market will offer you various options, but you should go with a brand with a good reputation and safe ingredients that will not cause your health any complications – one example is Algaecal. Research the topic, find out which is the daily intake required and search for a supplier who can provide you with the number of capsules you need. After beginning the supplementation, you will certainly notice some positive improvement.