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Busy girl guide – how to organise your room

Posted by Categories: Family

Have you ever wondered where your day starts and ends? The answer is in the bedroom.  If you keep it organised it will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. A cluttered bedroom will make you feel anxious, because you will not know where your things are, and you will have the impression that you do not belong to that place. But with some organisation you will be able to transform your cluttered room into a spacious one. You only need some guidance, because you may be overwhelmed and you may not know where to start from.

Cleanse your wardrobe

If you want to organise your bedroom, then you should get everything out from the closet and get rid of the clothes you do not wear. Every woman has some pairs of jeans that do not fit, but they keep them in their wardrobe because they love the model. Well, it is the time to get rid of them, donate them to charity, someone will be thankful for receiving them. If you did not wear a clothing item for more than a year, then you should get rid of it, because you will definitely not wear it in the future.

Collect all your jewelleries and hair accessories

If you like to change your accessories when you change your outfit, then your bedroom is probably filled with bracelets, rings and necklaces. But how many of your earrings are unpaired? To avoid this you should use fabric bags to store them. Every pair should have its own bag, not only that you declutter the space, but you prevent them from losing in the future. Use fabric bags of different size to place inside all your jewelleries and hair accessories.

Put your bags on shelves

Women have numerous bags, and they spread them around the house when they change their things from one bag to another one. You should install a few shelves and organise your bags. In case you do not want to install new shelves, you should hang your bags with the help of shower hooks or clothing hangers.

Use the space under the bed

If you do not know where to place your socks, winter clothes and other items, you do not use very often, you should consider using the space under the bed. You should buy a few boxes that match the space, and put your things inside. Slip them under the bed, and you will declutter your bedroom in a couple of minutes.