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Best Solutions for a Higher Quality Indoor Air

Posted by Categories: Appliances, Home

Pollution is not only an outdoor matter as you can also find it indoors in case you experience a poor air quality at home or at the office. Mold, allergens, dust mites, bad odors, or pet dander are only few of the air pollutants that can give you a hard time and various health problems. Only the best solutions can help you improve the quality of the indoor air, so pay attention to the solutions we suggest in this article.

Use an air purifier

The most popular air cleaning solution is the air purifier, a device designed to filter the indoor air so that all the impurities and pollutants it includes remain inside its filter and only clean air is released back into the room. The advantage of air purifiers is that they can be used in any room at any moment of the day or night because they don’t create any noise and you won’t even notice their presence. All you will notice will be a higher quality of the air you will breathe. However keep in mind that different air purifiers can deal with different air pollutants. For example the best best air purifier for allergies in 2016 is the Alen BreathSmart. However, while this air purifier might work miracles for allergies, it doesn’t do much for tobacco smoke or other unpleasant odors. In those cases, the best air purifiers are those who use carbon filters, as carbon is great at absorbing unpleasant odors.

Keep the ducts clean

Many air contaminants can get inside your house form outdoors through dirty ducts and vents and more than one health problem can be caused by impurities that thrive in dirty duct walls. As a regular maintenance process, make sure you have the ducts cleaned by a professional at least once every five years. You will not only stay away from health problems, but the ventilation and air circulation inside your home will be significantly improved.

Adjust the air moisture

Mold spores are common air pollutants found in the indoor air due to a high level of air humidity therefore, the best solution for fighting mold spores is to control the air humidity level. This is possible by using a dehumidifier that retains the excessive water in the indoor air. You will get rid of the feeling of wet and heavy air and you will turn your home into a fresh and clean living environment.

Let your home breathe

A dull house where windows and doors are closed all the time is more likely to have a poor air quality as no clean and fresh air comes inside and circulates around the house. Avoid turning your house into a place filled with heavy air by allowing it to breathe. Open the widows and doors widely every morning to let clean and cool air come inside and you will notice an improvement in the quality of your indoor air.