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Benefits of organizing a treasure hunt

Posted by Categories: Family

Your children are not at a young age anymore and it becomes harder for you to interact with them. They begin to develop individual interests and stronger personalities, so dealing with them becomes harder. Finding a good approach is truly a challenge. Treasure hunt kinds of activities are a proper manner to maintain a healthy relationship with them due to their entertaining nature. Planning a treasure hunt is quite simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. You can either hide the treasure yourself or you can go to the beach and discover coins and metal objects with a metal detector.  Searching for topics like BH metal finder will provide you with a number of proper tools for those activities Once you’ve found the right metal detector, you can follow these simple tips and tricks to organize an exciting treasure hunt.

Treasure hunt by the sea

Not only this is going to be a pleasant and relaxing way to spend your weekend with your loved ones, but also it will be a great way to become closer with your pre-adolescent children. Allow them to have a few friends with them on this mini-vacation. This treasure hunt is going to be different, because it does not have you involved in the process of hiding the treasure. You are going at the beach hoping that you will find some kind of items that might represent a treasure with the help of a metal detector. By doing this, your child will become aware of the fact that life has no guarantees and disappointment is a part of life. In the pessimistic scenario, they will learn how to deal with it without scarring their self-esteem or expectations. Doing this with family members will help them learn that no matter the obstacles, there will always have someone to rely on. In a more optimistic light, they will find in family members good partners for their activities and interests, making them want to spend more time together. Quality time with the family is a good way to develop profound bounds.

Competitive outdoor treasure hunt

To develop the competitiveness in your children, you can organize a two-team treasure hunt. Ask them to invite all their friends in order to make it more entertaining. If they prefer a particular theme of the hunt (The Hunger Games theme hunt, for example), they can bring proper outfits. Create a set of rules according to the topic of the hunt, maybe create a map to follow or even riddles to solve in order to get clues. Help them with a metal detector, in order not to dig your entire backyard. Giving them specific tasks will develop the ability to obey rules easier without feeling compelled. Give prizes for the winning team and a picnic afterwards.

We gave you two ideas for outdoor treasure hunt games. Discuss with your children which idea they find more appealing; invite them to propose new ones according with their interests and preferences. Also, you could organize a surprise treasure hunt for their birthday or other special occasions.  Procure the necessary supplies (coins, various metal items, metal detector and chests). A good choice for your child would be this affordable BHJS Junior. Teach them that participating is more important than winning. Develop their competitive as well as team spirit. Allow them to explore.