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Avoid holiday villa fraud with these tips

Posted by Categories: Family

When planning a trip your main concern is not to get scammed by the companies you hire to book different services. Well-known names offer you security, because they work in this domain for many years and you know that you can rely on them. But, you may find some amazing offers provided by companies you may never heard of. In this case, you do not know if you should book them immediately, or you should choose a more expensive service you are sure that it is reliable. Well, you should know that the majority of providers offer trustworthy services, especially when it comes to Ibiza villa rental. But if you want to be sure that you will not experience a villa fraud, then you should check the following tips. The safest way to book a villa is through a tour operator, because in this way the operator will take the responsibility and will guarantee that you do not lose your money.

Check the property

You have to look online to find more details on the property you intend to rent. You have to see how long the property was advertised, because the longer it was on the books, the more legitimate and genuine is. Also, it is important to read the reviews offered by the other renters, because in this way you can find people’ s opinion, and know if a certain villa is suitable for your requirements.

Get in touch with the owner

There are cases when people list fake properties, take the booking and disappear with the money. So you should get in touch with the owner of the villa and ask them details on the property. If they do not have issues in offering you information about the area, then you can consider them trustworthy. 

Check the paying options

When it comes to paying the rent for the villa, you should stick to paperwork. You should not send the owner money if you do not receive a written contract, and if you are not satisfied with the details written in it. Pay attention to the security deposits and make sure that you clearly understand the returning terms. Check if the property you want to rent offers the option of taking out the damage insurance. When you pay the balance or deposit, you should avoid money transfers that cannot be traceable. If you want to opt for a safe solution then you should use credit card.

What to check when you arrive there

When you arrive at your destination, you should check the villa together with the representative of the property. In case you find any damage, you should alert the owners, and take photos, because you do not want them to ask you to fix the damages. In addition, you should make sure that you get the security deposit when you leave the villa. In case the owner states that they offer deductions, you should ask them for a proof. If you follow these tips, you should not have any issues when renting a villa.