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Are sliding screen doors the best choice for you?

Posted by Categories: Family

Sliding doors are definitely a popular choice among many people these days and if you are not sure whether or not they would be a suitable option for your needs, here is when a sliding screen door Ottawa is a great choice:

You have a beautiful back yard

If you have a beautiful back yard and you want to make the access easier, a sliding door will be a great choice. This will be especially useful if the kitchen is right next to the patio area, as this way it will be easier to enjoy outdoor meals, without having to take the food through the entire house to get to the garden. Slide doors are easier to open and close, so you won’t have any problems the next time you have your hands full with all sorts of delicious courses.


You want more natural light in your home

Natural light is always preferable to artificial one, because it is better for the eyes and more relaxing. Sliding doors do allow more natural light inside the house, so if this was something that was bothering you, it certainly is a good solution to your problem. You can also add blinds on the doors that you can use when you want to add some privacy, especially during the evenings when outsiders can easily see inside a home with the lights turned on.


You want to make your home more energy efficient

Even though sliding doors may not seem an energy efficient choice at the first sight, in fact they are made of composite gaskets that insulate the home much better than regular doors do. You will lose considerably less energy during winter and your bills will get lower. In addition, the temperature will also be more comfortable during summer, as these doors will not let the heat get inside.


You feel that your house could need more security

The fact is that a third of all burglaries occur through open doors and sliding doors always close behind you and do not leave an invitation to potential burglars. The aluminum seals and gaskets make these doors very secure and even have a hook-over mechanism that prevents them from being lifted out of their frame. Whether you feel that the neighbourhood where you live has had too many burglaries lately to ignore this problem or you just want to have peace of mind, screen door will surely make your home more secure.