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A man’s guide to matching jeans and sweaters

Posted by Categories: Family

One of the most complimentary pieces of clothing that a man can wear is the sweater. Sweaters are essential apparels and for good reasons. They streamline your figure and at the same time, they keep you warm. Sweaters are ideal for casual dressers. You only have to put on a pair of jeans and you have your outfit ready. However, it is important to pay attention to the fact that there are certain rules when it comes to mixing and matching Jordan Craig jeans and sweaters. To not make mistakes, you should stick to the following style rules.

Choose a sweater in a plain color

The heart of your drawer should be represented by a collection of sweaters simple in color. While there is no authority in fashion, you can be sure that this theory has been tested. The simpler the color is, the more versatile the piece of clothing will be. The point is that it is important to invest in neutral colors from the masculine palette, such as grey, black, brown or dark blue. You can easily match these hues with the denim jeans you have in your wardrobe. If you are determined to buy a red sweater, at least make sure that the jeans complement the stronger color.

Pay attention to fabrics

Men’s sweaters are made from different types of fabrics, one of the most popular choices being wool because it adds style and function. Another option you can consider is cashmere. The drawback is that it can be a little bit pricier. If you want a cooler yet affordable fabric, you can turn your attention towards synthetic fabric sweaters, but they tend to be low in quality and they will not look good paired with your designer denims.

Maintain the aspect ratio

This may seem obvious enough, but the reality is that most men do not maintain proportion. The rule of thumb is the following: beefy sweater, beefy jeans. This means that you have to make sure that the upper and the lower halves are a match, otherwise you will look disproportionate. A bulky sweater, for instance, will add weight to the upper part of your body, thus making you look like you are from an animation series. This thinking should be extended to your footwear as well. A pair of boots will do just fine if you are opting for a loose sweater.

Overdressed is better than underdressed

Layered looks are some of the most interesting ones, but it is easy to make mistakes. As a rule, the top layer has to fall lower than the layer underneath it. You can easily overdo it, but this is not necessarily a big mistake. It is desirable to exaggerate with layers than to be underdressed. Anywhere you go, it is important to be well dressed and layering will make you look stylish.

It is easy to combine and match sweaters and jeans and you are not likely to make mistakes if you follow the abovementioned style rules.