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5 Questions to Ask the Vet About Your Dog’s Health

Posted by Categories: Family

When you get a dog, your veterinarian becomes a source of information for keeping your four-legged friend happy and healthy. As you go in for regular checkups, make sure to ask the vet any question that will help you take better care of your dog. Discuss with them about vaccines, medication, behavior, as well as dietary needs.

Below are some of the key questions to ask your vet the next time you pay them a visit.

Is my dog at a healthy weight?

It is very important for your furry companion to be at a proper weight. This will ensure they have fewer chances of catching an illness and will continue to be with you for as long as possible. The normal weight of a dog depends on the breed, so it is important to get this information from your veterinær.

A few extra pounds can be detrimental for your dog’s health, especially if they are of a breed that is prone to conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. Make sure your dog receives proper food and has plenty of physical activity to help them stay fit.


Should I spay or neuter my dog?

This is something most veterinarians will recommend for your pet, especially if you do not plan on breeding. The procedure lowers your dog’s risks of developing serious diseases, including testicular or mammary cancer and uterine infections.

Discuss which procedure is more appropriate for your dog, as it was recently discovered that early neutering (younger than 6 months) could actually increase the chance of developing cancers for large dog breeds.


How much exercise should my dog get?

Physical exercise is very important for the well-being of your dog. It helps them stay healthy and prevents diseases such as obesity or heart illnesses. How much exercise your dog should get depends a lot on the breed, age and overall health of your pet.

High-energy dogs, such as Jack Russel Terriers and Labradors, require a lot of daily exercise, especially since the Labradors are known for being prone to gaining weight. Low energy breeds, on the other hand, require less playtime.


Is this type of behavior normal?

If you spot any type of weird or unusual behavior in your dog, you should definitely ask your vet about it the next time you go for an appointment at the dyreklinikk.

For example, it is normal for a dog to, well, clean his private parts every once in a while, especially after they go do their business, but if you observe your dog keeps doing it frequently and without any apparent reason, there might be something else going on. Urinary infections are difficult to spot in dogs, but this might be a sign your vet needs to do a more thorough checkup.


How do my dog’s teeth look?

Dogs don’t brush their teeth every day as we do, so there is a high chance their oral hygiene often gets overlooked. To prevent gum disease and problems with their teeth, make sure your dog receives dental cleaning every once in a while. Your vet should be able to check and tell you when it’s time for the next one.