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5 bankruptcy myths you should definitely not believe

Posted by Categories: Family

Paying for the rent, for your car, for you children’s school supplies and so on with your credit card is dangerous. Overusing it is going to make you sInk in debt and you start worrying for you and your family. Debt collectors have the right to put your house  or car into an auction in order to get back their money. Or everything with some value you might own. Therefore, this is when you begin to worry about your debt and how you are going to pay for it. Financial problems are a challenge for all the families around the world. The best way to avoid a debt is not do it. However, there are solutions for the families that find themselves in a situation of this kind.

1. Organize backyard sales

Selling some of your belongings is not ideal, but it is necessary. When you begin to notice that your debt is building up, start selling. Go through your belongings and see what you did not use in the last few months. Sort them and organize a backyard sale. Children’s clothing, toys and old school books are items you can easily sale and make some serious money. Old furniture, decorations, even small collections like miniature cars are objects that find a new owner easily. If you have an extra toolbox, sell it. We know you might think this is a necessary item, but “extra” says it all. All the money you make this way put them back into your account in order to diminish your debt.

2. Do not waste food

One problem of modern families is food waste. They tend to buy more than they really need and it goes bad. You are guilty of it too, and you know it. A good advice in order to start saving money to pay for your debt is to start stocking food in smaller amounts. Observe during an entire week how much each member of your family is eating and what they prefer. Do some math and next time you go shopping for food, only buy the necessary amounts and a smaller variety of goods. If maybe cook too much chicken for a dinner, try leftover recipes. A chicken breast sandwich for your lunch is both healthy and filling. Furthermore, if a product reaches its expiration date, do not throw it away. Many products are still good longer that it says on the package. There are applications that tell you for how long it is safe to consume a product after its expiration date

3. Seek specialized help

The solutions we previously provided might not be enough to get you out of debt. Happily, there are services on the market that specialized in helping people to get rid of debts. They come with the expertize and the necessary skills to defend you against creditors. But there is more. In the end, you will pay a considerably smaller amount of money than you would have in the beginning.