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3 Reasons to Use a Water Ionizer

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We all need to drink water to survive, but we all know that tap water is filled with contaminants. To stay hydrated you have to be careful about the quality of the water that you drink. One of the best ways to drink pure, clean water is by installing a water ionizer. If you read this aqua ionizer review, you will see that these devices can be quite expensive, this particular ionizer costing over $1,500. But is a water ionizer worth the money you spend on it? If you’re not convinced about buying one yet, read the following lines to find out the reasons why you should buy one.

1. It’s a powerful antioxidant

Water ionizers use the electrolysis process to separate your drinking water into acidic and alkaline components. The alkaline ionized water provided by the water ionizer is rich in antioxidants. The importance of the antioxidants for our health and well-being is immense. Antioxidants are able to fight and neutralize the free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that seek electrons for stability and that cause cellular and DNA damage. They lead to many diseases, cancer being among these diseases. Take a look at this Aqua ionizer review to see for yourself how efficient a quality water ionizer can be. The Aqua Deluxe 9 can deliver 7 types of healthy water, with pH levels ranging from 7 to 11. Moreover, it has a 840 oxidation reduction potential, meaning that it delivers water with high antioxidant properties.

2. It helps prevent disease

Due to the fact that the alkaline ionized water provided by the water ionizer is filled with antioxidants, it provides with a lot of health benefits. Probably the most important disease that alkaline ionized water helps prevent is cancer. The antioxidants from the alkaline ionized water fight the free radicals and prevent them from causing any cellular damage. These antioxidants practically transform the free radicals in oxygen molecules, which are an essential element for the proper function of our bodies and organs. Another important disease that alkaline ionized water helps fight is heart disease. Also, it takes care of the overall health of your cardiovascular system. This is due to the fact that your cardiovascular system is strongly correlated with oxidative damage.

3. It super hydrates

Water comes in clusters that are hard to absorb by your cells. On the other hand, alkaline ionized water comes in fewer clusters. This means that it’s easier to absorb by your cells. Due to this reason, the alkaline ionized water provided by the water ionizer super hydrates you as opposed to regular water. By drinking this super hydrating water you will feel better and look better as well. Also, due to the superior hydration, certain skin problems will be a memory of the past. One of these skin problems is acne.