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3 Reasons to Filter Your Tap Water

Posted by Categories: Appliances

There is no need for explaining why you shouldn’t drink tap water because we all know that it’s filled with contaminants. If you aren’t convinced about buying a water filter for your tap water yet, read the following lines. Here you will learn the 3 reasons why you should filter your tap water. After reading, you will definitely be convinced about investing in a water filter.

1. You will drink decontaminated water

It’s a well-known fact that tap water is filled with a variety of contaminants that present a great danger to our health. When you drink the water that comes out of the tap, you ingest bacteria, viruses, pharmaceutical residues, lead, chlorine, and many other harmful contaminants. Instead of putting your health in danger every time you drink a glass of water, buy a water filter. It will effectively remove all the contaminants that lurk in your tap water, making it safe to drink. Also, you will have decontaminated water to prepare your food with. It’s a small price to pay for you and your loved ones to be protected from various contaminants and to have a good health.

2. You will drink more water

As we mentioned before, the water that comes out of your tap will be free of contaminants if you filter it. This means that it won’t taste or smell weird anymore. Due to the fact that your tap water will smell and taste as it should, you will drink more of it. It’s important for our health to stay properly hydrated. But you can’t force a person to drink something they don’t like. Therefore, provide yourself with quality tap water and you will surely consume a lot more of it from that point on.

3. You will save money

If you don’t filter your water, you can buy and drink bottled water. But you spend almost 3000 times more money on a single bottle of water than you would if you were to drink the same amount from the tap. You will be spending enormous amounts of money every day if you proceed like this. Also, bottled water isn’t that much safer to drink when compared to tap water either. Therefore, you would be wasting your money for nothing. On the other hand, the water filter is an investment that you make once and you only have to change the replacement cartridges 1-2 times per year, depending on the model. Therefore, it will cost you a lot less if you buy and maintain a water filter compared to drinking bottled water.

If we have convinced you of the advantages of owning a water filter, preferably a whole house filter that will deliver pure water to all your water sources, we invite you to peruse the site. The information posted on that website will help you choose a filter suitable for your needs.