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3 Feline-Approved Tips For Taking Your New Cat To Vet

Posted by Categories: Family

As any cat guardian knows, a routine visit to the visit is anything but routine. Regular visits are the smart thing to do but try telling that to your cat. While they have a reputation for being independent and less needful than dogs, they require much of the same care as their canine peers. Dental care, immunizations, grooming, proper diet, and regular check-ups all play an important role in your pet’s wellbeing.

If this is stressful, don’t panic. Your veterinarian will be there to help you, and your pet gets through the experience with as few obstacles as possible. Yet, the experience is oftentimes daunting, especially for your cat, so we’d like to offer a few tips on what to expect during your pet’s first visit to the pet and what you can do to prepare for it.

Create a Great Cat Vet Visit Vibe

Perhaps you know you may have a worried cat on your hands, so it’s time to learn what you can do to help. The key to having a less anxious cat is preparation – make sure your cat’s first used with the carrier. Then take necessary steps the day before and the day of the visit to reduce as much as possible triggers – for your new cat.

  • Take the carrier and place it with the door open in a room where you spend most of the time.
  • Remove the bedding and gently rub your pet with the fabric when they’re relaxed -so the bedding will start to smell like them.
  • Place a few of your cat’s favourite treats inside the carrier every day so they can relate inside the gage with good things.
  • Every 60 close the carrier and leave them with their treats for a few minutes.

Before Your Cat’s Vet Visit

The best way to avoid any possible drama is to think ahead veterinarian Kristiansand suggests finding a clinic that has separate entrances for dogs and cats, and scheduling your appointment when the clinic is more likely to be quiet.

Make sure you call before and let the desk know about your id merking katt and that your cat is fearful, and you rather prefer to wait in your cat until the room is ready.

During Your Cat’s Vet Visit

During the visit, make sure you give your pet a few minutes to adjust with surroundings, smells and sounds, also keep your voice soft and low to calm them.

Suppose you know from past events that you expect a fearful cat. In that case, we recommend you consult with your dyrlege stavanger about prescribing appropriate medication such as Zylkene or Gabapentin, that can be administered prior to the scheduled vet visit.

When it’s time to head home, your cat will likely need some time to rest and relax, so the best thing to do when you arrive is to do nothing. Allow your cat to do her thing – slowly she will retreat to her favourite spot emerging when the moment feels right.