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10 Reasons to Give Bespoke Adhesive Tape a Try

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Working with clean room tape converters means tapping into the kind of invaluable resources that could transform the way you do business forever. If you are in any line of work where joining materials represents an important every day process, you might not believe just how big of a difference the right adhesive tapes could make. Specifically if you are currently using mechanical fixings or welding, you could find pretty much everything you do transformed.

Of course, it’s natural to assume that if you have been getting by with mechanical fixings for some time, there’s no reason to switch. In reality, there are actually plenty of reasons to switch – or at least give bespoke adhesive tapes a try.

Here’s a quick rundown of 10 of them, just to get you started:

1 – Minimal Preparation

First of all, one of the best things about custom adhesive tapes is that there is pretty much zero preparation involved when using them. All you have to do is peel off the protective cover, apply the tape where needed and let it do its thing.  Best of all, custom adhesive tapes can be so much more forgiving when it comes to the quality of the surfaces to be joined…or the lack thereof.

2 – Faster Results

Given the fact that preparation is practically eliminated, it instantly becomes possible to speed up production processes are exponentially. Whatever it is you are manufacturing or sticking together, getting the job done with a custom adhesive tape means getting the job done faster. Particularly when compared to things like welding and traditional mechanical fixings, a high quality custom adhesive tape really could save you an incredible amount of time.

3 – No Tools Necessary

Something else to bear in mind is that when working with custom adhesive tapes, there’s a good chance you will not need any additional tools whatsoever.  Absolutely everything that are needed to get the job done is right there in the adhesive product itself. Which once again means minimal preparation required and much faster results. In most instances, the only tools required are the hands of those applying the tapes to the surfaces.

4 – Zero Waste

One of the key benefits of working with custom adhesive tapes as an alternative to generic adhesive tapes is that waste can be entirely eliminated. When you use a generic adhesive tape, it may be necessary to cut it to the shape and size you require, which in turn inevitably produces a certain amount of waste. By contrast, when you order a custom adhesive tape, it is supplied in exactly the shape, size and specification you require, which in turn means no preparation and no waste whatsoever.

5 – Low Costs

On a join for join basis, there is really no alternative joining method more affordable cost effective than a quality adhesive tape. Particularly when compared to the likes of welding, for which not only an extensive contingency of expensive tools is required, but also the expensive manpower required to use them. If you are looking for an effective way of permanently cutting costs, making the switch to a quality custom adhesive tape could be it.

6 – Training and Experience

Speaking of which, a certain amount of training and experience will always be required to deliver quality results when it comes to welding. Which is precisely why those who have mastered the practice tend to charge a pretty penny for their services. By contrast, very little training and really no experience whatsoever are required to master the art of working with bespoke adhesive tapes. This translates as simplified working practices and lower operational costs.

7 – Health and Safety

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, custom adhesive tapes can be manufactured in a manner that makes them significantly safer than any comparable joining method. So if health and safety is a key issue in your workplace, this is one advantage to consider.

8 – Instant Bonds

Plus there’s the benefit of the kinds of instant bonds that require no curing time and allow the products you are manufacturing to be put to use immediately. As already mentioned, other joining methods can certainly create strong bonds, but none nearly as quick, convenient and easy as those created by custom adhesive tapes.

9 – Lightweight

If you would prefer to keep the overall weight of whatever it is you are manufacturing to an absolute minimum, custom adhesive tapes could be the way to go. This is particularly true if you are currently working with mechanical fixings, which for obvious reasons are significantly heavier than featherweight adhesive tape.

10 – Custom Design

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that working with a custom adhesive tape manufacturer means having the perfect product produced to suit your requirements flawlessly. Which in turn means there’s no guesswork, no risk and no margin for error whatsoever.  Speaking of which, there’s always the option of requesting prototypes and samples ahead of time – just to make sure you’ve made the right decision.